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Why Should I Apply for Critical Illness Coverage?

critical illness

Statistics have shown that around 20% of all men suffer from a critical illness before the average retirement age of 65. It also shows that around 16% of women will suffer a critical illness before the same age. Critical illness is much more common today than in precedent years. Critical illness experts have concluded that the average age for a critical illness claimant is 47. Many people with good health believe that the reports thatLearn More

What is Critical Illness Insurance and What Does it Cover?


Critical illness insurance is a form of coverage that pays out a tax-free amount of money to you if you are diagnosed with a serious disease or critical illness. The policy documents will list the disease and illnesses that it will cover. If you suffer injuries from an accident/incident that totally and permanently prevent you from attending work, you will usually be covered under your policy. NOTE: If you have suffered from previous illnesses andLearn More

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